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Andrew H. Knoll


List of contributors

1. Introduction: The evolution of multicellularity in context

Matthew D. Herron, Peter L. Conlin, and William C. Ratcliff

2. Discover the basics of multicellularity

Maureen A. O’Malley

3. Multi-level selection of the individual organism

Richard E. Michod

4. Life cycles as a central organizing theme for the study of multicellularity

Merlijn Staps, Jordi van Gestel and Corina E. Tarnita

5. Eukaryotic aggregative multicellularity: phylogenetic distribution and case study of its immediate and ultimate cause in Dictyostelia

Pauline Schaap

6. Group training: on the evolution of aggregative multicellularity

Marco La Fortezza, Kaitlin A. Schaal, and Gregory J. Velicer

7. Group maintenance in aggregative multicellularity

Israt Jahan, Tyler Larsen, Joan E. Strassmann, and David C. Queller

8. Group transformation: fruiting and stem formation

Cathleen Broersma and Elizabeth A. Ostrowski

9. Phylogenetics of clonal multicellularity

Michelle M. Leger and Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo

10. Group formation: hypotheses for the evolution of clonal multicellularity

Stefania E. Kapsetaki and Roberta M. Fisher

11. Group maintenance in clonal multicellularity: controlling intra-organism evolution

Aurora M. Nedelcu and Alexander N. May

12. Group Transformation: Life History Compromise, Division of Labor, and Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality

Guilhem Doulcier, Katrin Hammerschmidt and Pierrick Bourrat

13. The unicellular ancestors of animals: a history of hypotheses

Thibaut Brunet and Nicole King

14. Convergent evolution of complex multicellularity in fungi

Laszlo G. Nagy

15. Genetic and developmental mechanisms of cell differentiation in algae

Susana M. Coelho and J. Mark Cock

16. The evolution of complex multicellularity in streptophytes

Liam N. Briginshaw and John L. Bowman

17. Multi-species multicellular life cycles

Rebecka Andersson, Hanna Isaksson and Eric Libby

Conclusion: the future of multicellularity research

William C. Ratcliff, Peter L. Conlin and Matthew D. Herron