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OnePlus Buds Pro are now $ 20 off with promo code

OnePlus has an official set of “Pro” headphones, with premium design and materials and the required active noise cancellation. They performed pretty well in our test, especially if you like headphones which tend to be very heavy on the bass. Normally, the OnePlus Buds Pro cost $ 150, competitive but a little beyond impulse buying territory. Today, the OnePlus store is offering them for $ 20 off with a promo code.

The Buds Pro use the typical AirPods shape, with a bit of distinctive chrome on the shaft that adds a bit of shine to the white or black version and helps you feel where the “squeeze controls” are. They pack the latest Bluetooth revision (5.2), which means they can connect to multiple devices at once, and the buds and case can ignore sweat and a bit of water with no problem. Speaking of the casing, it allows the buds to last up to 38 hours (28 with ANC enabled). A few additional software features, like a new “Zen Mode” for relaxing nature sounds, help complete this cheaper alternative to other “pro” headphones.

To benefit from the reduction, go to the OnePlus store, place the Buds Pro in your basket, and apply the gift code “BUDSPRO20. ” This will send a voucher code to your email address which you can then enter to reduce the total at checkout. (Yeah, it’s a bit of a puzzle, but it works.) Once you get the email, you have about a week to complete your order. It looks like the offer is good in the US and Canada (where it’s at $ 30 Canadian) at the moment.

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