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OTTY mattress discount code: save up to £ 200 on hybrid mattresses

If it’s a hybrid mattress you’re after, use this discount on OTTY mattresses so you can buy one of the best mattresses on the market, for up to £ 200 less. It got our vote for the “best mattress in a box” and now with this deal it will mean you can sleep more soundly knowing you’ve found a bargain …

Yes, so their current supply is save up to £ 200 on the Original Hybrid or Pure Plus Hybrid mattress when you shop directly at OTTY. The Original Hybrid has a wonderful combination of springs and foam that creates support from the 16cm pocket springs and comfort from the foam. The top layer also combines a temperature-regulating memory foam that will keep you at the optimum temperature during the winter months or cool during the summer. We can attest to that as well, as we have tried it and rated it five out of five stars, so you know you are on a winner.

And the Pure Plus Hybrid is a premium bamboo and charcoal mattress that houses 4,000 pocket coils across its seven layers. This one is relatively new to the line and has the additional material benefits of odor and moisture absorbing charcoal, as well as the antibacterial and antifungal benefits of bamboo memory foam. Beautiful.

Discount OTTY mattress

Why buy an OTTY mattress? We have tried and tested the Original Hybrid mattress and can say it gets a well-deserved 4.5 stars. It’s a great all-rounder that’s neither too hard nor too soft. It’s also cool for sleeping. Help from us.

Interested in this great deal on mattresses? Find more deals on our Cheap Mattress Deals page or keep scrolling. Trust us: an OTTY mattress discount as good as this doesn’t come often.

The best prices for Otty mattresses

Discount otty mattress

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Otty mattress specifications

We have a lot of love for this modern memory foam mash-up


Filling: Foam / spring hybrid

Sizes: Single in Emperor (including EU)

Depth: 25cm

Comfort level: Medium to firm

Recommended price: £ 303.99 – £ 639.99

Guarantee: 10 years

Trial: 100 nights

Reasons to buy

+Quality springs provide decent support+The whole surface is also comfortable+Good movement transfer+Medium to firm for firmness

Reasons to avoid

Maybe too spongy for heavyweights

Here are the prices for each size Otty mattress right now:

Otty Original Hybrid mattress:

  • Otty Single the mattress: £ 399.99 £ 349.99 at Otty
  • Otty small double the mattress: £ 549.99 £ 399.99 at Otty
  • Otty double the mattress: £ 599.99 £ 449.99 at Otty
  • Otty King the mattress: £ 699.99 £ 549.99 at Otty
  • Otty super king the mattress: £ 799.99 £ 649.99 at Otty

Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress

  • Otty Single mattress: £ 349 at Otty
  • Otty double mattress: £ 499.99 at Otty
  • Otty King mattress: £ 599.99 at Otty
  • Otty super king mattress: £ 699.99 at Otty

Otty PURE Bamboo Charcoal Hybrid Mattress

  • Otty Pure Single mattress: £ 499.99 at Otty
  • Otty Pure double mattress: £ 699.99 at Otty
  • Otty Pure King mattress: £ 799.99 at Otty
  • Otty Pure super king mattress: £ 899.99 at Otty

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The best prices for Otty sleep accessories

In terms of accessories, Otty sells two different pillows for those interested. If you sleep on your side or your back, opt for the luxury memory foam pillow. For those who sleep on their stomach, or even those who roll over all night, the adjustable pillow is your best option.

What is the price of the Otty mattress?

The verdict is, it’s a great all-rounder, neither too hard nor too soft – and it’s cool to sleep on it. It is also available in single to imperial sizes, including European sizes, and has a depth of 25cm. On the padding side, the mattress has 2000 pocket springs 14 cm long. Read our full Otty mattress review for a more in-depth look.

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