Promotional codes

promotional codes with “free” items at Prime Gaming

“Free” Promo Codes for Pokémon Go with Prime Gaming: Amazon and Niantic announce the individual packages all summer want to distribute for the success of the smartphone. Starting today, users with an active Prime subscription will be able to purchase their first pack. The item pack includes 30 Poké Balls, five Top Revives, and a Star Piece. This should be especially useful for the upcoming Community Day on May 21. Items should make it easier to capture the Pokémon Alola Stone, which is the focus of the day.

New promotional codes every two weeks

After the first “free” package, all two weeks of additional packs for Pokémon Go distributed by Prime Gaming. It remains to be seen exactly how long the campaign will last. To use promotional codes for Pokémon Go on Android, first go to the in-game store. Scroll down the screen and enter the code you are contributing to for the first game it received. Confirm entry. After that, the items will be available in your adventure.

Redeem codes on your smartphone

On iOS, the input works differently, but it’s not complicated either: here you have to go to the Niantic surf site. Once you have reached the page, log in with your account details and then enter the Pokemon Go promo code from Prime Gaming promotions a. Confirm entry. You can then open Pokémon Go on your iPhone and collect the free items. To get the Prime Gaming promo codes, you need a subscription: The main subscription costs 7.99 euros per month or 69 euros per year. New customers get the first 30 days free.