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PUBG New State Coupon Code Released! Get a New “Party” Crate, 5 Chicken Medals – Learn How

PUBG New State Promo Codes have been released! Now players can pick up a new “Party” Crate and 5 Chicken Medals. Here’s how to use the codes.

PUBG New State has released an exclusive coupon code to redeem a new “Party” crate. The game continues to release codes by redeeming players who can claim rewards and that too for free. The promo code to get a new party crate is PARTYCRATETICKET. Players will need to visit the official PUBG New State website to redeem the codes. However, it should be noted that there is an expiration date for the sides and players cannot trade it after expiration. The coupon code to get the Party Crate expires on January 21, 2022.

“Claim the exclusive coupon code below to redeem a new ‘Party’ crate! Visit our website to receive your free reward – Coupon Code: PARTYCRATETICKET – Link: This coupon code expires Jan. 21, 00:59 (UTC),” PUBG New State tweeted. The rewards received from these codes not only make the game exciting, but are also useful in retaining existing players while attracting new ones.

In another tweet, it was also informed that PUBG New State Ranking System Season 1 has officially started. “Season 1 of the Ranking System in PUBG: NEW STATE has officially started! Come and climb the ranks!” the tweet read.

PUBG New State recently received a major January update. Players now get a bunch of new content including a new game mode, new weapons, and other upgrades throughout the game.

And, to celebrate the new game mode, PUBG New State has prepared a coupon for 5 Chicken Medals. To win the prize, players will need to log in and play all BR Extreme. The coupon code is JOINBREXTREMENOW and can be redeemed by visiting the official PUBG New State redemption website at

Players can note that the coupon code will expire on January 31, 2022. Informing about this, PUBG New State tweeted, “To celebrate the new game mode, we have prepared a coupon for ‘5 Chicken Medals’ Login Now at #PUBGNEWSTATE to play the brand new #BRExtreme! – Coupon code: JOINBREXTREMENOW – Link: *This coupon code expires on January 31 at 23:59 (UTC).”