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PUBG: New State Coupon Code, Tickets Offer New Winter Carnival Crate, Lord of Blood Crate for Free

PUBG: New State players can get their hands on new in-game items for free, thanks to new promo codes and tickets distributed by the game developer. Here’s how to get and redeem these codes for your next free item.


  • PUBG: New State is giving away a new Winter Carnival Crate for players as a “token of gratitude.”
  • Players can enjoy it until January 6.
  • A special Lord of Blood crate is also available for free.

PUBG: New State is on the rise as it continues to introduce new features and goodies for its players. In a new effort, the game is offering a coupon code to its players, which can be used to obtain a free reward crate called “Winter Carnival”. The Crate includes a host of new in-game items that players can earn by opening the Crate.

Interestingly, PUBG: New State players will have nothing to do with the new reward except using the promo code in-game. The new reward is a “token of gratitude” from the developers. of games for the “continued support” players have shown for the game. The promo code to use for the “Winter Carnival” cashier is WINTERCARNIVAL15.

As the name suggests, the winter carnival crate comes with several themed gifts for the ongoing Christmas festivities. These include Santa themed accessories like tops, glasses, boots and more. Some of the rewards that people have managed to get from the cashier include the Ghost Mariachi top, sunglasses, and shoes.

The coupon will be valid until the early morning hours of January 6. Players can redeem the coupon code by visiting the redemption page on the PUBG: New State website and entering the code WINTERCARNIVAL15, along with their own game ID there.

In addition to the Winter Carnival Crate, PUBG: New State is also giving players three free tickets to the special new “Lord of Blood” Crate. The free tickets will be awarded to players as soon as they log into the game. These can then be exchanged for the special “Lord of the Blood” crate, opening which will reward players with new in-game items.

The new rewards come days after Krafton announced a major game update. The latest patch, released on December 16, brings new weapons, vehicles, gun attachments and more to the action game Battle Royal. There’s even a new lobby theme to mark the ongoing festive occasion.

Players can now opt for a new Bullup assault rifle named L85A3, which is said to have the highest damage of any 5.56 assault rifle. In addition, there are two new vehicles named Electron and Mesta, the first of which is an electric minibus and the second is a classic two-seater sports car with rapid acceleration. There are also new gun attachments to provide new ways to customize weapons for players in PUBG: New State.

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