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Rare Apple Discount Code Discovered That Gets You 20% Off Genuine Apple Airpods

Someone spotted a discount code on real Apple Airpods

Discount code gives you a decent £ 31 discount

Apple products don’t come cheap, in fact we’re sure that’s part of the appeal. But for once, it looks like you can finally get a discount on genuine Apple products. It must be a dream …

Savvy shoppers on the HotUKDeals deal forum have discovered that phone giant O2 has just released a rare discount code on iconic – but also famously expensive – Apple Airpods.

Typically costing you £ 159, O2 currently has a 20% off code, meaning you can get the coveted headphones for the slightly cheaper price of £ 127.20 including delivery.

The deal only appears to be available on the O2 Online Store website, although for once it’s not exclusive to O2 customers, and everyone can pick up the goodies.

You will need to enter the code ACCESSORY20 at checkout to claim the discount, which will then be applied automatically.

They are apparently much more comfortable than the economy versions



While we’re keenly aware that identical-looking headphones are available for a fraction of the price of Apple-branded ones (like £ 1.79 on eBay …), the general consensus among buyers is that the company’s Cupertino-based are much more comfortable than the economy versions.

They were also designed to turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac as soon as you remove them from their charging case. Although we would expect such skill from something costing over £ 100 …

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