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Razer honors an unauthorized 90% discount code

Computer peripheral maker Razer will honor an unauthorized coupon code it discovered this week that gave UK shoppers 90% off their orders. Writing on Facebook (via Polygon), Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan explained that Razer can legally cancel orders placed using the code, but won’t due to its long-standing policy of favoring the consumer.

“While we have the ability to legally cancel orders, we have always had a customer first policy at Razer and in regards to this incident we have decided to honor orders placed using code no authorized by Razer fans to purchase unique products for their own use,” Tan wrote.

Meeting the 90% discount code will result in an “insane amount of loss” for Razer from selling products that are significantly below cost, Tan said. Despite this, he explained that Razer wants to “do the right thing for the community” and will therefore uphold the codes.

“Our goal is to do the right thing for our fans, players, and community, not for dealers or users to take advantage of,” Tan said. “It’s not gambling, it’s none of our business.”

Tan explained that it will take weeks – and months in some cases – to process and ship all the orders. This is due to the high volume of orders and the fact that many items purchased by users were initially out of stock.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and thank all of our customers for their support. Keep playing,” he wrote.

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