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Release date, news, trailer, discount code, what will Manchester United be called and will it be available on PS4 or Xbox One?


Football Manager 2022 has been officially announced with the release of the very popular game’s first trailer.

The virtual management series has grown into a juggernaut since it was first unveiled as Championship Manager in 1992.

Football manager

Football Manager 2022 should be released before the end of the year

Its many details about the world of football have even led real teams to consult the game’s database to aid in their scout analysis.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed that he often played Football Manager when he was a Manchester United player.

And the Norwegian even admitted that maybe it even helped him as a coach.

But when can fans get a chance to test if they have what it takes to sit in the shelter? Here’s all you need to know …

Football Manager 2022 release date

Football Manager 2022 will be available to play from Tuesday, November 9.

It launches day one on Xbox Game Pass and PC and Mac users on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have access to both FM 2022 and Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition.

They can also continue their FM progress on the Xbox Edition from any supported device through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The women’s teams will not be in the next FM22, but they will come in future editions of Football Manager.

Football Manager will see the women's teams in the next editions

Football Manager will see the women’s teams in the next editions

Football Manager 2022 Trailer & Discount Code

The FM22 trailer features some of football’s biggest outsider stories from last season, including Lille’s victory in Ligue 1.

Union Berlin securing European football was also highlighted and fans can watch the teaser below.

Pre-orders are now available for FM22 here with 10% off for fans if you buy before the official launch.

Developer Sports Interactive has confirmed that new features for the game will be released within the next month.

Will Football Manager 2022 be on console?

Great news for Xbox fans with Microsoft confirming that FM 2022 will return to the console as well as the traditional PC format.

In a new boost, the game will also be released on the next generation Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, said, “FM22 will be breaking new ground for the Football Manager series as we enter day one with Xbox Game Pass.

“The success of our comeback to Xbox last year exceeded even our expectations and we’re excited to expand our partnership with Microsoft to give Game Pass members the chance to experience the closest thing to being a true manager. of football.”

Unfortunately, there won’t be a PlayStation version, but the mobile version of FM, for iOS and Android, will also be back on November 9.

There is a version planned for the Nintendo Switch, however, and details on that and Football Manager 2022 Touch will be announced soon.

This is what United looks like now in Football Manager 2020

This is what United looks like now in Football Manager 2020

Will Manchester United be there?

United will be renamed Manchester UFC in FM 22 and subsequently following a legal battle with gaming giants SEGA and Sports Interactive.

The Red Devils sued the game’s publisher in May of last year over a trademark dispute.

United claimed the game infringed its trademark, but SEGA and Sports Interactive responded by insisting that the use of the club’s name in the popular simulation series was a “legitimate reference to the Manchester football team. United in a football context “.

United have also claimed that Football Manager infringed its trademark of the Manchester United logo by not using the official crest in the game.


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