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Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Codes: WORKING (March 2022)

If you’re a fan of massively multiplayer games, you’ve probably heard of or even played Roblox. It is an online gaming platform where users can both play and create various immersive game worlds called “experiences”. Here, users have the chance to enter redemption or promotional codes from the developers. Additionally, these codes can be redeemed for valuable in-game resources. A popular example is Roblox’s Noob Army Tycoon codes, which you can use to redeem for free money, research points, or gems. Even all at once if the creators are generous.

Noob Army Tycoon is one of the most visited experiences on the gaming platform. Created by Denetroll in 2021, it is a combat defense game under the tycoon genre in Roblox. Players earn in-game currency like cash and research points to unlock units, such as noobs and vehicles. Luckily, you can get a bit ahead of your enemies in the game even without much effort. Just enter the published Noob Army Tycoon codes and you will find great additions to your currencies.

Below is the ultimate and regularly updated list of Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Codes that we have curated for gamers like you. Working and expired codes are listed here so you know which ones are worth copying and pasting. If you’re also wondering how to claim these freebies, read on as we’ve also created a short and handy guide just for that! This is a one stop post for all you need for Noob Army Tycoon Codes.

Work Codes

  • Codes marked with (NEW) are those published less than a week ago.
  • $ refers to money.
  • RP refers to research points.
200Mvisits!! $7,500, 7,500 RP, 2,500 gems
64182746127418418971421396874 $5,000, 5,000 RP, 2,500 gems
free3900gems 3,900 gems
free1070gems 1,070 gems
freegunnerskin $5,000, 3,000 Gems, Twitter Gunner Skin
fusion coil $2,500, 2,500 RP, 500 gems
daily rewards $2,500, 2,500 RP, 250 gems
350 gems 350 gems
600 gems 600 gems
noube $1,000, 5,000 RP, 500 gems
new troops $1,000, 5,000 RP, 500 gems
skins $2,500, 500 RP, 500 gems
noOoOob $10,000, 5,000 RP, 500 gems
good $2,500, 2,500 RP, 500 gems
1001gems 1,001 gems
6x+27=2-9x $100, 100 RP, 100 Gems
6UG6mp $4,000, 4,000 RP
a $10, 10 RP
1 million $10,000, 10,000 RP
7Tp6Mz $2,000, 2,000 RP
2G2upS $2,000, 2,000 RP
EQd57f $2,000, 2,000 RP
Vk3d5E $2,000, 2,000 RP
NOOB $5,000, 5,000 RP
🙂 $100, 100 RP
MDR $100, 100 RP
noob2 $250, 250 RP
free research points 100 PR
ezytgdsfvdvpiujmkosqlzafdgn $5,000, 5,000 RP, 2,500 gems
7964974578786571139457756 $5,000, 5,000 RP, 2,500 gems
zekisqdjmoipffsdxgbhgvjytreszq $5,000, 5,000 RP, 2,500 gems
uuqdf546bvc89nhfg7liu234sq98cv $2,500, 2,500 RP, 200 gems
qsfdjkgfikfhbZQSSQDGherdfçzeig2 $2,500, 2,500 RP, 200 gems
qsfdjkgfikfhbZQSSQDGherdfçzeig $2,500, 2,500 RP, 1,000 gems
robot soldiers $2,500, 2,500 RP, 1,000 gems
formation and squads $7,500, 7,500 RP, 1,000 gems
eAt5R5 $3,000, 3,000 RP
sdgfjkdfgfgyht654fcgxh89jhy $5,000, 5,000 RP, 2,500 gems
free money $1000

Expired Codes

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. free research points
  3. 8 players
  4. 750 gems
  5. Noob
  6. 100MVites
  7. free gems
  8. free money
  9. 100KLIKE
  10. 10M
  11. Merry Christmas!!
  12. no
  13. Halloween
  14. noob
  15. Boat
  16. epiclarcdetriomphelol
  17. free money
  18. 100 gems

How to Redeem Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Codes

1. Open Noob Army Tycoon by Thinking Project in Roblox.

2. Select the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen.

Screenshot of the Noob Army Tycoon interface

3. Copy then paste one code at a time.

Screenshot of Noob Army Tycoon's code feature

4. Select Enter.

Code screenshot

5. When entering another code, select the rewards description box to enter or confirm.

Code screenshot

What are Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Codes?

Noob Army Tycoon codes are redemption codes that you can easily enter in this experience. Specifically, you can use these codes to redeem free money, research points, and gems. The developer’s official Twitter account @denetroll regularly releases codes for players. Since we don’t know the expiration dates of these codes or if they have an expiration, it’s best to redeem them as soon as they’re released.

What is Roblox Noob Army Tycoon?

Noob Army Tycoon by Roblox is a fighting defense game released by Thinking Project or The MLG Gang under Denetroll in 2021. Earn money and spend currency on upgrades. The game also features an auto money system where players earn money continuously and automatically every second.

The game currently has four stats, which are Money, Kills, Gems, and Research Points.

Money is the main currency of Noob Army Tycoon. It is displayed in US dollar ($) by default. This currency is used to buy all units, from noobs to vehicles and materials for structures. It also serves as the basis for the development of your base. Chests, gold mines, kills, and various Noob workers generate this currency. Gems can also be exchanged for cash at Money Trader.

Kill are another quantity in the game. Players can earn this by killing enemy Noobs or other players’ Noobs in attacks. Eliminations cannot be obtained by entering redemption codes.

Research Points are a game currency that works with money. They can be used to unlock new units and buy mines and spawns. They can only be earned by Noob Researchers. It is also possible to exchange money for research points in the research center.

Gems are another motto of Noob Army Tycoon. They are used to buy crates, which unlock cosmetics like pets, hats, or skins. The Gem Mine and Gem Chests can generate Gems. Additionally, killing Gem Noobs and defeating Giant Airships can earn this currency. You can also convert 100 gems to $10,000 at Money Trader.


We hope this Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Codes article helped you maximize the game’s freebies! Keep checking this page for more updates as we release new developer codes as soon as they are released.

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