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Roblox Vesteria RPG – Free Codes (July 2022)

Get ready for an epic fantasy adventure in Vesteria RPG! This MMORPG on Roblox offers the expected features of the fantastic frolics of this genre. Choose a class, explore dungeons and wild areas, fight beasts and enemies, and collect treasures along the way.

Explore Vesteria RPG on Roblox. Use these free codes to get bonus resources! (Images: Bereza)

But before you go on a quest, brave adventurer, you might want to partake in these free codes. Vesteria RPG offers a number of free codes that you can redeem for various rewards that can help you in your quest. Follow the guide and see the list of active codes for Vesteria below.

What is the Vesteria?

Developed by the Vesteria team, Vesteria RPG is an MMORPG that allows players to explore a vast and open fantasy world.

Vesteria RPG players can take on the role of one of three character classes. These include Warrior, Hunter, and Mage. Each class swears loyalty to a specific faction that represents its class in the world.

Vesteria offers a vast open-world RPG experience, with constant updates (including the recent Spider Abyss).

At level 30, these main classes can transition to subclasses that further specialize their abilities. Warriors can become Paladin, Berzerker or Knight. The Hunter can upgrade to the Assassin, Ranger, and Trickster. Finally, mages can become warlocks, wizards, clerics and shadowmancers. Vesteria RPG players can also choose to be reborn in a different class, while returning them to level 10.

With the latest update, Vesteria RPG added a reputation system and the Spider Abyss dungeon.

Vesteria RPG is growing in popularity, with over 50 million views on its Roblox page. The game is also being recognized for its technical achievements at the 2018 Bloxy Awards.

What are Vesteria codes used for?

The Vesteria team will occasionally issue promotional gift codes. These codes can be exchanged for useful items and resources, which can take the form of consumables, resources, or temporary boosts.

Active Roblox Vesteria Codes (as of July 2022)

This section lists the latest Vesteria RPG codes that have been verified to work.

  • photoniscool – This Vesteria code rewards you with an Ethyr Crystal
  • RealFreeStuff – This Vesteria code rewards you with random loot
  • TestCode – This Vesteria code rewards you with 5 red apples
  • ImSad – This Vesteria code rewards you with a secret on-screen message
  • Terminator – This Vesteria code rewards you with an Ethyr Crystal
  • ImHappy – This Vesteria code rewards you with a Bronze Mushcoin
  • LocalCode – This Vesteria code rewards you with 5 red apples
  • s10th – This Vesteria code rewards you with a free gift (Note: requires minimum level 10)
  • KySK_01 – This Vesteria code rewards you with a free gift (Note: requires minimum level 30)

Inactive Roblox Vesteria Codes (as of July 2022)

The codes for Vesteria RPG listed here no longer work. As of the last verification date, they can no longer be exchanged.

  • Surprise! – This Vesteria code rewards you with a developer gift (Note: requires minimum level 10; expires after 30 minutes)
  • KySK – This Vesteria code rewards you with a Sacred Scroll or two Aether Crystals
  • Horseman – This Vesteria code rewards you with a Horse Head or Aether Crystals

How can I redeem free Roblox Vesteria codes?

Locate the Vesteria RPG Code Redeem tab by accessing the SETTINGS menu.

To redeem an active Vesteria RPG code, follow these steps:

  • Start Vesteria RPG through Roblox.
  • Click on the SETTINGS menu (represented by the gear icon).
  • At the bottom of the SETTINGS menu, there is a text box labeled SECRET CODE.
  • Enter one of the active codes listed above.
  • Click the arrow to the right of the text box. The rewards should reflect on your inventory.

It is recommended that you redeem these codes as soon as possible before they expire.

Are there more codes and free stuff for Roblox Vesteria?

The Vesteria team occasionally releases promotional codes for players during special events or milestones. Joining their official Roblox group page will allow you to be notified of any updates, including freebie code releases. You can also follow them on their official website Twitter Vesteria RPG account. Additionally, you can check out their YouTube and Discord.

Vesteria RPG adventurers will need all possible resources to survive and level up.

And follow this page by bookmarking it. Just press CTRL+D to add this Vesteria RPG code guide to your favorites tab. We will regularly update the lists of free codes as they are published.

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