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Sainsbury’s: Online discount code gets you £ 30 off your store


Sainsbury’s is offering customers a 30% discount on their groceries until Wednesday.

The British supermarket offers the deal on deliveries ordered online using a secret code.

The code allows UK shoppers £ 18 for their first shop of £ 60 or more.

The code is only valid for deliveries ordered before or on Wednesday.

To redeem the code, simply copy and paste it after clicking e-coupons and entering the coupon code below at checkout.

The code to use is: “SCSSEOAUG”.

Sainsbury’s recently announced it would cut 1,000 jobs to avoid having to raise the price of food.

The supermarket giant currently employs 3,000 people outside of store jobs – that number will soon be reduced by a third.

The cuts are believed to be part of the three-year £ 500million cost reduction plan announced in 2015 – after the company acquired Argos.

The UK company has also set up a click-and-collect trial that will allow customers to pick up their groceries for free within 30 minutes of ordering.

Customers can order and pay for up to 25 items using Sainsbury’s Chop Chop’s Personal Shopper smartphone app, then pick them up half an hour later at their Pimlico store.

Aldi, the German discount supermarket, has brought its massive Big Daddy steak back to the UK by popular demand.

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The 16-ounce slice of meat is the largest steak available in a UK supermarket.

This rump is made up of several different muscles from the back.

It’s a lean steak with a blend of rich texture and flavor. According to Aldi, it has the benefits of a tenderloin, but with more flavor.

It’s best to cut it thick and cook it over very high heat, with a generous standing time of up to 10 minutes, according to the German store.


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