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Save 10% on Parallels Desktop with this promo code – Review Geek


Parallels Desktop software lets you run Windows, Linux, or older versions of macOS on your Mac computer. It’s an amazing tool that doesn’t require dual-booting an operating system, and notably, it’s the only good way to run Windows applications on an Apple Silicon Mac.

To note: This offer ends September 27 and only applies to a one-year Parallels Desktop subscription.

For a limited time, you can save 10% off a year of Parallels Desktop using promo code RMY-XND-LM1 at the register. This discounts the base version of Parallels Desktop to just $80, while it discounts Parallels Desktop Pro Edition to $107. (You can even use this promo code to save on Parallels Desktop Business Edition!)

If you buy Parallels, I strongly suggest you go for the Pro option. It offers extensive features that are particularly useful when developing applications or games: you get a maximum of 128 GB of vRAM, 32 vCPUs, access to a command line interface and other interesting advantages. (Although M1 Macs only get 62GB of vRAM and 18 vCPUs with the Pro edition.)

Note that Apple Silicon systems use the ARM architecture, so they cannot run virtualized x86 software. If you want to use Windows on your Mac M1, you are forced to use Windows on ARM, which may have difficulty running certain applications or games. (If you have specific apps or games in mind, do a Google search to see if they work on Apple Silicon with Parallels Desktop.)

This offer ends September 27. I suggest reading Practical GeekCheck out the detailed Parallels Desktop 18 review to know more about this software.