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Save $ 250 on the Eight Sleep Pod mattress with this promo code

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TL; DR: Eight Sleep Pod smart mattress is $ 250 off with exclusive Mashable code MASHABLE250.

Quality sleep is essential for your mental and physical health and your overall well-being. If your mattress is holding you back, it’s time to upgrade it.

The Eight Sleep Pod is more than just a mattress; It is a complete sleep system, with smart technology to monitor and regulate temperature and track your sleep. This advanced bed starts at $ 2,295 for a full bed, but Mashable readers can save $ 250 through February 6 using the code MASHABLE250.

So what makes the Pod so great? It tracks and learns your sleep patterns and adjusts its temperature to provide you with optimal comfort. It even has a thermal alarm that begins to gradually cool the bed to gently wake you up in the morning. Try to find an excuse to fall back to sleep when you have run out of a hot bed.

The bed is able to monitor and accommodate two sleepers with separate settings on each side, so you and your partner each get the best sleep for you individually without compromising on comfort.


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The Pod has a mobile app that lets you monitor features like temperature and review sleep metrics like sleep stages, sleep times, restlessness, etc.

Get a smart bed for yourself and enter the code MASHABLE250 at checkout to save $ 250. This is the best deal you’re going to find on the Pod right now. Just a warning, this code cannot be combined with other offers. Eight Sleep currently has a promotion where you can get free Gravity blanket with the purchase of the Pod, but you’ll have to choose between the free blanket or a $ 250 discount.

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