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Save 32% on LEGO Star Wars 75336 with discount code Argos

75336 Inquisitor Carrying Scythe – an impressive Lego Star Wars together – received a significant price reduction thanks to a new Argos discount code.

Inspired by the Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries on Disney+, 75336 Inquisitor Carrying Scythe is an exceptionally versatile new Imperial starship design. It usually costs £89.99, but Argos are currently selling it for £67.50 – and using the code LEGO10 at checkout you reduce the price to just £60.75. That’s a saving of 32% off the full price.

Click here to buy LEGO 75336 Inquisitor’s Transport Scythe for €60.75.

The Inquisitor Transport Scythe is a new ship used by Jedi hunter Inquisitors. Featuring a sleek black color scheme and an angular body, the finished model is 37cm long and 24cm wide. It comes with features like folding wings, working landing ramp and spring-loaded shooters. The roof of the ship can also be folded down to access the interior.

The interior of the ship is exceptionally spacious for imperial ships of this type – at least in Lego form. Seating is provided for a trio of inquisitors, and studded tiles provide safe storage for their lightsaber blades. There’s also plenty of space behind them for other minifigures and accessories, with sticker tiles used to represent computer consoles.

Three Inquisitors are included in this set, all of whom appear on the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show. Reva (also known as Third Sister), Fifth Brother and the Grand Inquisitor himself can be found here; each comes with a double lightsaber and custom lightsaber hilt. Obi-Wan also appears here in a new outfit, complete with a cloth poncho.

As such, it’s a great choice for any Lego Star Wars fan seeking to expand his Imperial fleet. And with almost £30 off the RRP, it’s the perfect time to add it to your collection.

Click here to buy LEGO 75336 Argos Inquisitor’s Transport Scythe for €60.75.

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