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TL; DR: Enter code MOTHER’S DAY22 at checkout to take $200 off any Mirror home gym system and apply free delivery and installation. (That’s a total savings of $450.)

When you think about it, smart fitness mirrors that can stream live and on-demand workouts are basically the 2022 version of mom’s Jane Fonda aerobics bands. (Tell her to dust off her leggings, by the way: TikTok says they’re back in style.) You have access to an energetic personal trainer who walks you through a bunch of lounge-friendly exercises, only with a more elegant equipment, some of the refined measurements and the possibility of taking live lessons.

All that to say, the folks behind our absolute favorite smart mirror are having a big Mother’s Day sale this week: through Monday, May 9, you can take $200 off any Mirror home gym system. (normally $1,495+) by entering code MOTHER’S DAY22 at the register. This coupon will also unlock free delivery and installation, bringing your total savings to $450.


The best smart fitness mirrors of 2022

First released in 2018, the Mirror features a 43-inch Full HD (1080p) display that you can actually see yourself in while you exercise, as well as built-in stereo speakers, a 5MP camera and Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for streaming lessons. (It looks just like any old mirror when turned off, so unlike most exercise equipment, it will fit almost any aesthetic.)

A $39/month membership fee gives you access to over 10,000 of these classes in a range of exercise categories, with modifications for different experience levels and an option to sign up for workouts. individual workouts for additional help. Class lengths range from 5 to 60 minutes so you can keep your schedule flexible.

You can choose from several different Mirror packages as part of its Mother’s Day sale:

  • The mirror (includes bracket and lens cap) — $1,295 $1,495 (save $200) with code MOTHERSDAY22

  • MIRROR Essentials (includes all standard Mirror system + heart rate monitor, fitness bands pack, reversible mat, mat strap, yoga block and foam roller) — $1,495 $1,695 (save $200) with code MOTHERSDAY22

  • MIRROR Pro (includes everything in previous levels + pair of weights and towel) — $1,595 $1,795 (save $200) with code MOTHERSDAY22

  • MIRROR Family (same as MIRROR Pro level, but 2x heart rate monitors, fitness band packs, weight sets, mats, mat straps, yoga blocks and towels) — $1,895 $2,045 (save $200) with code MOTHERSDAY22

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