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Shimmy Home Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Review & Discount Code

Whether you’re working from home, constantly on the go, or weathering a global pandemic, hand sanitizer has become a staple over the past couple of years. And if you’re looking for a hand sanitizer dispenser worthy of your home, we might have an option for you: our community recently had the opportunity to test the Shimmy Homeand it did not disappoint.

What is Shimy?

Shimmy makes respecting the environment easier than ever. The brand, founded by Ashley Wayman—aims to revolutionize the way households and businesses use everyday essentials and build better, more sustainable systems with all the ease and convenience without all the single-use plastic.

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Between her roles in the consumer market and as a mother, Wayman was looking for a product that kept her family clean, safe and germ-free. Unfortunately, most hand sanitizer options fell short in one or more areas: the available options were smelly or sticky, unattractive, and wrapped in single-use plastic. To solve these problems, she founded Shimmy for a convenient, premium sanitizing experience suitable for today’s market.

Where most hand sanitizers are unattractive and dry out, Shimmy offers thoughtfully designed sanitizers and dispensers designed for your home or on the go. Containers are made with as little plastic as possible, with refills wrapped in recyclable aluminum.

Shimmy’s hand sanitizer systems stop more plastics from polluting our planet and also help eliminate existing plastics – partnerships with Climate Neutral and Plastic Bank® offset both their carbon emissions and their plastic footprint.


The Shimmy Home comes with the dispenser and a 9 oz cartridge of sanitizer. Each Home Refill Cartridge of disinfectant is packaged in an aluminum bottle that can be recycled after use. The dispenser is battery-powered and contactless, with three dosage settings you can choose from. Designed to meet your convenience and decoration needs, Shimmy comes with a slim stand and an easy-to-use wall mount.

  • “I love the convenience of having my own automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. My kids love using it and I don’t have to worry about germs spreading through my house and making us sick. –Elisabeth Salazar
  • “Easy to install, attractive product, loved the smell. The fact that we can control the amount dispensed is amazing. The wall mount option was also very easy to use.” – Stacey Tovar
  • “The Shimmy is modern, practical and easy to use. The solution smells great and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I like the design of the product and had no issues dispensing the sanitizer. It also gives you the perfect amount, not too much! –Ashely Dixon
  • “The Meyer Lemon scent is so clean. The sanitizing solution leaves a clean feeling that isn’t sticky or drying, which is very important to me. –Shawna Walker
  • “I really like this product. It’s so easy to use that my three-year-old daughter can do it all on her own. It’s so helpful!” –Kendall Harris

Things to work on

Shimmy Home Hand Sanitizer Review & Discount Code
Photo: Shimi

Although our community enjoyed the Shimmy Home, they had feedback on the price of the product and the setup process.

  • “The shimmy seems a little expensive for the use and the quality of the product. However, it is reusable, so it is a one-time cost. Maybe if they provided more sanitizer cartridges with initial purchases it would be better value. –Ashley Dixon
  • “The price point seems unreachable for many people, including myself.” –Laurie Shipley
  • “I struggled to get the machine to work at first without much help. The instructions did not help resolve the issues. – Cheer Launcher
  • “It was a bit difficult to get it to work at first. I felt like I had to play around with it a bit before it really started to work. –Ambre Villarreal

Shimmy Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizer is available for at home or on the go. Help keep your family safe (without single-use plastic!) with code BRIGHTLY here. You will receive a special discount on your order.

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