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Simba mattress discount code: -30% on exclusive mattresses


Now is the time to get that sleep upgrade you’ve been thinking about. Our latest discount code on Simba mattresses means an exclusive 30% discount for our readers. This means you can save big on any of the Simba mattresses, from the Simba Hybrid to the latest Simba Hybrid Luxe.

Did we mention that Simba is one of our top mattress brands? It’s obvious !

Simba always offers great deals, and for a limited time only, they’re giving our readers an exclusive 30% discount with the code. SimbaSummer30. Just enter that at checkout to save on mattresses.

So why buy a Simba mattress? We rated the Hybrid Pro five stars in our rigorous review, praising its support and ability to keep us cool all night long – so we know you’re getting a good deal with this.

Need more conviction? If this incredible reduction is not enough, it may be useful to check the references of mattresses from this successful brand. We gave BOTH Simba Hybrid and Simba Hybrid Pro mattresses 5 out of 5 stars in testing. They also come with a 200-night free trial and a 10-year warranty. Not to mention the fact that they offer free shipping. Interested? You can read more about this offer below …

Simba mattress discount code

Need more conviction?

In a nutshell, Simba mattresses are one of the best mattresses you can buy, which is why we rated the Simba Hybrid five stars out of five in our Simba mattress review and the Simba Hybrid Pro, also, five stars out of five. five in our Simba Hybrid Pro review.

Yeah. We had the chance to review both mattresses (aren’t we lucky ?!) The Simba Hybrid Mattress has a total of five layers that include foam and a patented Aerocoil® spring comfort layer in titanium, which are all here to give you a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The Hyrbid Pro, on the other hand, has been designed to include seven layers to provide unbeatable temperature regulation thanks to the luxurious natural wool top layer and ultimate comfort with up to 5,000 Aerocoil® titanium springs. .

Now is a good time to buy the Simba mattress because of this deal. They are convinced that you will like it, just as much as we are, so they are giving you a 200 night free trial so you can make sure it is the best option for you. They will collect it for free and then send you your full refund. The mattress will then be recycled, refurbished or donated so nothing is wasted, and you don’t have to worry about it either.

The best prices for Simba mattresses this week

Simba mattress

(Image credit: Simba)

Simba mattress specifications

A great all-rounder mattress, however you sleep


Filling: Memory foam / micro pocket springs

Sizes: Small Single to Emperor (including EU sizes)

Depth: 25cm

Comfort level: Way

Recommended price: £ 429 to £ 949

Guarantee: 10 years

Trial: 100 nights

Reasons to buy

+A cool night’s sleep+No more bounce

Reasons to avoid

Only the top cover, not the sides, can be machine washedNot suitable for anyone over 18 stones (114 kg)

Simba sells three different types of mattresses in its Simba Hybrid range, with three depths – the Hybrid, 25cm deep with 2500 springs, the Pro, 28 cm deep with 5,000 springs, and the Luxury, 31 cm deep with 6000 springs – as well as the Simba Comfort mattress, which is only sold on eBay. These are the best prices for each size Simba mattress on the web today.

Simba Hybrid mattress prices:

  • Simba Simple hybrid mattress: £ 609 £ 454.30 at Simba
  • Simba Double hybrid mattress: £ 829 £ 615.30 at Simba
  • Simba King size hybrid mattress: £ 939 £ 699.30 at Simba
  • Simba Super king size hybrid mattress: £ 1,039 £ 776.30 at Simba

Price of Simba Hybrid Pro mattresses:

  • Simba Simple pro mattress: £ 929 £ 699.30 at Simba
  • Simba Double pro mattress: £ 1,159 £ 867.30 at Simba
  • Simba Pro king size mattress: £ 1,329 £ 993.30 at Simba
  • Simba Pro super king size mattress: £ 1,429 £ 1,063.30 at Simba

Price of Simba Hybrid Luxe mattresses:

  • Simba Simple luxury mattress: £ 1,099 £ 818.30 at Simba
  • Simba Deluxe double room mattress: £ 1,599 £ 1,189.30 at Simba
  • Simba Luxury queen bed mattress: £ 1,799 £ 1,336.30 at Simba
  • Simba Super king size deluxe mattress: £ 1,999 £ 1,483.30 at Simba

More current Simba mattress deals and deals

The best prices for Simba mattress accessories

Not just in the market for a mattress? Lucky for you, Simba sells a range of accessories ranging from a mattress topper, mattress protector, duvet, two pillows, bed linens and more.

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  • Simba Simple pro mattress: £ 899 £ 584.35 at Simba
  • Simba Double pro mattress: £ 1,119 £ 727.35 at Simba
  • Simba Pro king size mattress: £ 1,279 £ 831.35 at Simba
  • Simba Pro super king size mattress: £ 1,379 £ 896.35 at Simba


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