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Sonos Deal Alert: Use this discount code to get cash on a new speaker

Sonos One SL is the most affordable speaker in the range, offering the same sound as the standard Sonos One, but ditching the far-field microphone array required to use hands-free voice assistants, like Google Assistant and Alexa. , to request a song or album, control playback of the podcast or radio station you’re listening to. While Sonos One can be integrated with other smart speakers, like an Amazon Echo, in your home, that’s harder to achieve with the Sonos One SL.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate bargain, John Lewis buyers can pick up this small but mighty speaker for £154. That’s a lower price than Sonos offered during its blockbuster Black Friday sales last year, which goes to show just how impressive this discount really is.

The standard, voice-activated Sonos One arrives with a price tag of £174 for those who use the discount code MYJL15. As such, it’s only £5 more than the Sonos One SL without the discount code, making it a no-brainer for an upgrade.

John Lewis has lots of stock of Sonos Move and Sonos Roam, both of which provide the same smooth audio streaming experience at home, but can be taken outside and used as a Bluetooth speaker. Because they can be taken along, these portable options are a little sturdier than other Sonos speakers. The Sonos Move and Sonos Roam are both waterproof, so they can be taken to the beach and the pool…or used to listen in the shower.

Unfortunately, the discounts don’t apply to Sonos’ Symfonisk speakers, which are built in collaboration with IKEA and designed to blend in with your home decor. These speakers are disguised as table lamps or picture frames, while one is designed to fit between the books on your bookshelf. These are only available directly from IKEA.

If you’re looking for more discounts on these critically acclaimed speakers, check out our guide to the Best Sonos speaker deals.