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Students Order Thousands Of Products For Free Using Amazon Prime Discount Code


Students at Nottingham Trent University have ordered thousands of products for free after discovering an Amazon Prime discount code.

A student ordered products worth £ 2,100 from the website and a receptionist at the Gill Street North student residence office said she was inundated with almost 3,000 packages.

Ciaran Vaughan, 19, a sophomore business management and marketing student, said he discovered a discount code in the early hours of Friday, October 25.

When the code ‘welcome5’ was typed in on Amazon, it applied a £ 5 discount to any product, allowing students to get a good deal.

The catch was that the discount only applied to Prime student memberships.

Bags full of Amazon packages at NTU student accommodation in Byron

“I was gassed and excited,” Mr Vaughan told Nottinghamshire Live.

“Early Friday morning, I was trying to be productive and I went to Amazon to shop.

“Then I came across the code ‘welcome5’. I was very lucky with that.

“As soon as I realized it was working I took it and told my roommates and they told the others.

“I bought things under the age of five like household essentials because I am now in second grade and live in a house.

“If you get things for free you can’t complain. I was over the moon.”

A 19-year-old construction management student, who asked to remain anonymous, said he ordered £ 2,100 worth of free items.

These included lip balm, hats, gloves, inflatable pillows and water bottles which he said would go to those who sleep on the city streets.

Other items for himself included deodorant, toothpaste and body spray, which he said would last him his entire degree.

“Big business is always going to have slippages,” he said.

“It’s just up to those who benefit when it happens. Fortunately in this case, it’s the students.”

The footage shows both Byron and Gill Street North filled with bags of Amazon packages that shocked receptionists were then left to sort through.

A Gill Street North receptionist, who also asked to remain anonymous, added: “We were very busy Thursday through Saturday as we had to sort almost 3,000 packages in Gill Street alone.”

Amazon was contacted for comment, but had not responded at the time of posting.

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