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Tesco unveils Christmas discount code that lets you get £ 25 off your next store

It works on absolutely everything on the Tesco website, as long as you spend over £ 70 with many shoppers using it as an opportunity to refuel on Christmas alcohol.

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How to save money and time on your Christmas shopping this year

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are gearing up for the holiday season by stocking up on all of the seasonal supplies.

So what better way to sort the department store than with a generous discount code for a large supermarket store.

While it’s still too early to use it on food (unless you have a gigantic freezer), many enthusiastic shoppers are taking the opportunity to stock up on booze, as the voucher for discount works on absolutely everything on the Tesco website.

You can use it in addition to the cumulative offers, the only conditions are to be a new member and to place your order online before December 18th.

Originally spotted by bargain hunters on the HotUKDeals deal forum, the code you will need to redeem to get the discount is XXHTFL .

The post has since racked up nearly 2,000 likes, with many members already using the deal, confirming that it actually works.

Some of the best deals of the lot include three bottles of Gray Goose Vodka for £ 16.67 each, with the 70cl bottles already going down from £ 39 to £ 25, and the discount code used on top.

The deal means you can get three bottles of Gray Goose Vodka for £ 16.67 each


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Other individual alcohol offers that can be used with the discount code include a liter of Jack Daniels whiskey for £ 20 instead of the usual £ 32 and a bottle of Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin for £ 19 instead of £ 25.

One user who closed the deal claims he got £ 86 of booze for just £ 47, picking up two bottles of Kraken, ten Guinnesses, twelve Punk IPA beers and a bottle of gin in his transport.

You’ll have to pay for delivery though, although you can get some decent slots for around £ 2.

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