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The Conduit promo codes revealed – News


The third and final promo code allows players to play as a drone in single player mode.

Conduit’s Special Edition release via GameStop included a 24-page concept art book. At the end of the book were two promo codes, which unlock bonus features in the game. Luckily for those who didn’t get the limited edition, the codes also work in the regular version. Once the codes are entered, the options are activated in the Cheat menu.

The first code, NewASE11, changes the design of the All Seeing Eye, replacing its orange glow with a cool blue look and including a new projected eye pattern.

The second code, SuitMP13, adds the “Suit” model to multiplayer mode. This suit, tie and gas mask pattern is Trust’s standard field agent.

The third code (along with the first two) comes with the European Special Edition, available on and GAME, and the Australian Special Edition, available on EB Games Australia.

As seen in the following screenshots, the code, Drone4SP, allows players to play as a Drudge drone in single player mode. The unlockable is only a skin and does not affect the game, although your character also sounds like a drone. Have fun playing as an alien invader!


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