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The first promo code has arrived in a new state, find out how and where to redeem

PUBG: New State is the latest Battle Royale mobile game from Crafton which can also be played by Indian players. In terms of graphics, this game is way ahead of the original PUBG Mobile. BGMI and Free Fire are currently strong in the country, but so far 45 or 45 million users have downloaded New State globally. ALSO READ – PUBG: These Bugs Will Ban You From Squad Mode In A New State

The company accelerated the development of PUBG: New State and also gave players a coupon code as a gift, which you can redeem and get free rewards. Crafton has also created a redemption page to redeem this code. Let us tell you about this code and how to use it. Also Read – PUBG: New Status Update Live: New Vehicles and Weapons Come With Lots of Upgrades

PUBG: New Status Coupon Code

Krafton has shared a coupon code for PUBG: New State, which you can redeem for free Winter Carnival Chests. This code will be valid until January 6, 2022. This code and other related information can be found below: Also Read – PUBG: You’ll Get Free Chicken Medals Everyday Until New Update Hits New State

  • Coupon / Redeem Code: Winter Carnival 15
  • a price: winter carnival box
  • Able: January 6, 2022

Every player in the game can use this coupon or redeem a PUBG: New State code. Below you can see how to use it.

How to use the code

  • New page on game site to redeem PUBG: New State Coupon – It’s live.
  • You must visit this address to redeem the code.
  • Once you get here, you will see a form where you need to enter the coupon code and PUBG: New State Account ID.
  • To know the account ID, you can start the game and go to settings. Here you will see your login near the account link setting.
  • Coupon Code and Account ID You must complete I am not a reCAPTCHA bot after copying to the page.
  • Now when you press the REDEEM button given below, the code will be redeemed.

PUBG: New State recently received a major update, which brings a lot of game improvements along with new weapons and vehicles. The game now also has a merit point system which will work with your teammates based on fair play and a negative score here may prevent you from placing the team. You can click here to find out all the details of this update.