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The importance of promotional codes for Christmas 2010


PARIS, FRANCE – (Marketwire – Nov 15, 2010) – As our cities and stores begin to decorate themselves with garlands, the inevitable problem of Christmas presents arises. What do the French plan to buy this 2010?, the French equivalent of, examined this in more detail.

According to the Deloitte study on spending forecasts for Christmas 2010, the trend is quite pessimistic and negative compared to the European average estimated at -2.5%. After the crisis, the French are struggling to find their appetite for consumption and they intend to reduce their Christmas budget by -4.4% compared to 2009. This is mainly due to a drop in spending on gifts (-4.9 %) in relation to food expenditure. , which was preferred (-2.2%).

This economic trend has not escaped CodesPromotion, which has selected the best offers and discounts for the Christmas period. To stay on a tight budget, consumers want to spend on “better and cheaper” items and prefer discounted purchases (84%). CodesPromotion specializes in deals and focuses all of its energy on Internet users to provide them with a stress-free and budget-conscious vacation shopping experience.

CodesPromotion has put together Christmas offers categorized by product categories for easy navigation for the whole family. On a single site, consumers have free access to more than 7,500 discount codes and special offers updated daily, for more than 1,500 major brand stores (, La Redoute, Sephora, Toys’R’Us , etc.).

Consumption habits have changed, traditional stores must adapt to the new needs of the French. With the explosion of the Internet, customers have more access to price comparison sites and thus become more demanding. This year, more than 42% of French people will buy their gifts online.

CodesPromotion will therefore meet their expectations by offering offers exclusively on the Internet, which you can easily find and share on our social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Regarding this year’s gift models, gift vouchers are at the top of the list (45%), followed by cosmetics tied with chocolates (34%). New high-tech objects are also popular, including smartphones (26%) and other digital tablets, followed by games which will be more educational (49%).

So, with CodesPromotion throughout the year and especially at Christmas, avoid crowded stores and never pay the full price!


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