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The latest Xbox Game Pass promo video has hidden codes

An Xbox fan notices that there are many codes hidden in the new Xbox Game Pass promo video, with some offering free Game Pass codes.


Microsoft is known to give away free codes for Xbox Game Pass via console bundles, live streams, and promotional videos, with some players accessing the subscription service through these freebies. An Xbox fan noticed that Xbox included several hidden codes in their promotional video for Xbox Game Pass released yesterday.

Reddit user GetVladimir recently posted an image showing part of the Xbox Game Pass promotional video added to the Xbox YouTube channel on April 14 which focuses on an elevator door through the lens of a security camera . The screenshot includes two codes, one in the upper left of the screen which is “XGP-N0P3. CNTLVL: 04”. This is noteworthy because the first three letters stand for Xbox Game Pass, and P3 is potentially linked to Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, who goes by P3 on Twitter. The rest of this code is currently unknown, but the other one is of much more interest to Xbox enthusiasts as it appears to be a free digital code.

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The image shared by GetVladimir points to one of many moments from the Xbox Game Pass promotional video that shows some important codes onscreen between gameplay of Xbox Game Pass titles and a cryptic message about spies and codes. The 25-character code shown here is for two months of Xbox Game Pass according to one of the answers to GetVladimir, but most Xbox fans who talked about their attempts to enter the codes in this video got a message that have already been redeemed. Xbox players from other regions have noted that these codes instead indicate that the codes have not yet been redeemed, which may suggest that if one is persistent enough, it could eventually be redeemable.

The first free Xbox Game Pass code in the promo video appears after the voiceover says “Let’s get started,” with a code appearing under a timestamp similar to the one shown in GetVladimir’s screenshot. YouTube viewers who usually watch videos with subtitles may need to disable them in order to see some codes because the one presented under a vault is blocked by the text box. Another code that flashes on the screen when a secure door is opened is revealed five characters at a time in the security camera filter, making it harder for Xbox fans to use it without putting the video on paused like the other codes in the ten-minute clip.

With the sheer number of numbers shown from the start of the Xbox Game Pass promo video to its conclusion, there may be some eagle-eyed Xbox fans can still redeem after careful observation. Because GetVladimir admitted that the codes they entered were used, the Xbox fan who reported this detail to Reddit may have come away empty-handed. Although a Reddit user said his code rewarded him with two months of Game Pass. Additionally, it’s currently unclear if some of the codes were digital games or if they were all for Xbox Game Pass.

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