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The tool that gives you all the discount codes for Domino’s Pizza in Manchester


The weekend is finally here, so you can kick back, pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine, and order your favorite takeout – after all, who really wants to cook on a Friday night? Nobody, that’s who.

The only downside to ordering a take out is the price, and if you’re not careful it can sometimes be an expensive treat.

To solve this problem, a man has come up with an awesome discount finder, and if you order Domino’s Pizza it can save you a lot of money.

Bargain hunter Tom Church, 29, set up the Domino’s discount code tool in an effort to help hungry shoppers find the best deals to take out.

The app contains all Domino’s coupon codes for over 800 stores and can be used for Manchester and surrounding areas.

The tool is currently home to over 32,000 different codes, including codes offering a 50% discount on a spend of just £ 20.

Domino’s rebate finder has over 32,000 branches

To find offers at your local Domino’s office, simply enter your postal code. The app will then generate a load of codes that you can use there, and they’re branch specific, so you don’t have to try a load of random codes to see what works.

You can then apply the coupon code to your cart and watch the savings roll in.

Speaking of the tool, creator Tom said, “I love Domino’s. That first bite of Pepperoni Passion and Veggie Volcano is heavenly, every time.

“Like a lot of people, I find the full price of Domino to be too expensive, so I’m looking for some vouchers. I started putting all the discount codes I found into a big spreadsheet and my friends, desperate to save money, loved it. “

He added: “It got so popular that I used to stay awake all night and look up codes for people on Facebook. It was getting pretty addicting but I knew I couldn’t do it for. always, so i built this tool. Now anyone can type in their zip code, find the nearest store and get all the proven Domino’s discount codes.

“People have told me that they could never afford Domino’s any other way, and that they love it.”

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