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This puzzle turns into a QR code you can scan to potentially win $1 million

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TL; DR: Until May 31, you can get the $2 million puzzle for just $30 for a chance to win up to $1 million.

Movie nights with the gang can get old fast. Instead of doing the same thing you do every week, why not get all your friends together for a game night that puts a little more emphasis on fun?

With this puzzle you will stay motivated all the time to complete it because at the end it reveals an extra game that you and your friends will look forward to playing. When you complete it, the puzzle turns into a giant QR code that you can scan to see if you’re the epic winner. By creating its own “lottery”, MSCHF ensures that everyone who participates in assembling the puzzle is a winner. Either way, you’ll win something between $1 and $1 million, so might as well get all your best friends together to give it a try!

The excitement and buildup that occurs while assembling the puzzle is half the fun. It’s the perfect way to shake up game night or save money by drinking wine at home and putting together a puzzle instead of hitting the bar. This puzzle has 500 pieces, so it can be assembled in a short time. You can even make it a weekly activity if you want to take it easy. Once the puzzle is complete, take out your phone and scan the code. Within 2-3 seconds you will see what you have won. Anyone can help put the puzzle together, but the winner must be at least 18 years old to claim their winnings.

As part of the Memorial Day sale, no coupon is needed to take advantage of the $30 price drop for this puzzle. However, this offer is only available until May 31, so hurry to grab it if you want to participate in this offer.

Prices subject to change.

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