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Trainline cards are just £ 15 with this Black Friday promo code – save 1/3 on trains

Britain officially has Europe’s most expensive train journey, forcing thousands of people to travel using everything from fractional ticketing to the Megabus.

National railway‘S Railcard has been a boon for years, as it allows eligible groups to benefit from a 1/3 discount on all train journeys.

Usually it’s £ 30 for the year, but Trainline has just launched an incredible Black Friday deal on rail cards which means you can get one for just £ 15.

If you buy a new one-year or three-year rail card through the Trainline website and enter the code RAILS50 CARD at checkout you will save 50% on the final price.

Train cards give you 1/3 discount on all train journeys

If you’re between 16 and 25, senior, or have a family and friends card for three years, you will also be able to use the voucher, which means three years of travel at a reduced price for just £ 35. That’s less than £ 12 a year for a big savings.

Take advantage of the offer by visiting Trainline website.

This only applies to digital railroad cards, so you will need to install the official railroad card app on your phone and then install your new train card there.

Britain normally has some of the most expensive trains in Europe
Britain normally has some of the most expensive trains in Europe

How to add your Train Card to the mobile application

  1. Buy your Train Card at a reduced price via the Trainline website
  2. Install the Railcard app, open it and tap the + symbol at the top right of the screen
  3. Copy and paste the code you received in the e-mail of your Railcard purchase
  4. It will be automatically uploaded to the app, allowing you to share it for inspection once you are traveling

Promotion is on Trainline for 50 percent off
Promotion is on Trainline for 50 percent off

Trainline said: “We are currently running a 50% off digital rail pass promotion.

“This code is only valid for use on or the Trainline app. “

The offer will last until December 17, so get it quickly in time for 2022.