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Use Our Coupon Code To Get Over $100 Off This 32″ Curved LED Gaming Monitor

This Z-Edge UG32 is a 32 inch gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate to give you smoother gameplay compared to the older traditional 60Hz/65Hz monitor. 165Hz is supported when you plug your PC video card into the DisplayPort of the monitor and if you are using HDMI you can also get 144Hz through that.

And what’s a gaming monitor without a good response rate? The Z-Edge UG32 also has that fast 1ms response rate, perfect if you mainly play first-person shooters (FPS).

On the design side, the monitor has a curved design with a thin frame that will give you better immersion. Of course it’s not really mandatory to have a curved gaming monitor and I find my non-curved gaming monitor to be quite good but some of my friends definitely swear that the curved monitor is better so that’s everything.

The slim bezel certainly helps with content immersion and that will be evident when playing games or watching movies. It removes distractions and also helps the aesthetic department, making the monitor look classy on your desk.

Eye Care technology is also integrated into the monitor. Exclusive Adaptive Brightness Intelligence technology will automatically adjust the brightness for comfortable viewing and the low blue light will definitely help reduce eye strain, especially if you are going to be gaming or working for hours with this monitor.

The monitor only has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 though, so it’s not 2K or 4K, but it’s less taxing on your graphics card. If you don’t have at least the RTX 2080 or 3080, sometimes it makes more sense to play at a lower resolution to squeeze more performance out of the game for smoother gameplay. Unless of course, if you’ve been looking for a 2160p or 4K monitor for a while, it’s best to step up to this monitor.

Z-Edge UG32 retails for $376.99 but you can get a massive discount if you use our coupon code. After adding the cart during checkout, apply this coupon code: NNNcravingtechZEdge to get the monitor for just $268.99. It’s definitely a bargain, even if you’re looking for a second monitor to complete your setup. Let me know if you have any issues applying the discount code and we’ll fix it for you.

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