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    Black Friday weekend is officially in full swing, with thousands of brands offering flash deals through Monday.

    From Shark hairdryers and Peloton bikes to VEJA sneakers and Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, the discounts never stop and products sell out fast.

    Marie Claire readers benefit from an exclusive 30% discount on Faace skincare products this Black Friday with the code MCBF30

    Menstrual face mask – was £ 24, now £ 18, Faace
    The menstrual face mask is a treatment that helps regulate the temperament of the skin during menstruation. Composed of hyaluronic acid, green tea, lavender, zinc and white willow, it promises to hydrate, improve skin texture and tone, minimize pores and help control breakouts. cutaneous.

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    For the beauty enthusiasts among us, Black Friday is especially exciting, with expensive skincare and makeup brands slashing their prices for just four days.

    And from the Glossier Black Friday and Diptyque discounted deals to the Elemis BF sale and NEOM Black Friday deals, it should be an exciting year.

    Today it was Instagrammable skincare brand Faace that caused a frenzy as it slashed all of its prices by 25%.

    In addition, Faace offers Marie Claire readers a 30% reduction on their range with the exclusive code MCBF30.

    Just add the code at checkout and presto.

    Faace’s Black Friday Deals

    Sweaty Face Mask – was £ 24, now £ 18, Faace
    The Sweaty Faace Mask is a treatment mask that hydrates, tones and unclogs pores. Bursting with vitamin C, argan oil, vitamin E, grapefruit, and bergamot, among others, this is the perfect lollipop and can effectively double as a base for oily skin.

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    Tired Face Cleanser – was £ 24, now £ 18, Faace
    The Tired Face Mask promises to transform tired skin and give you a brilliant glow. With ingredients such as caffeine and vegetable glycerin, vitamin C, pomegranate and lactic acid, this mask gently exfoliates and plumps the skin, giving it much needed lift.

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    And it’s not just their flagships that you can save a bomb on, with their new masks on sale as well.

    Dull face cleanser – was £ 24, now £ 18, Faace
    Dull Faace cleanser is as the name suggests a creamy cleanser, promising to brighten and smooth tired, dull skin. Filled with kaolin clay, green tea, turmeric, vitamin C, vitamin E and licorice, this cleanser will revitalize dry skin and give you a long-lasting glow.

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    Menopause Facial Mask – Was £ 29, Now £ 21.75, Faace
    The Menopause mask is a treatment mask intended to treat skin problems caused by menopause. Composed of soothing rose water, carrot seeds and pomegranate oil, it promises to hydrate, fight inflammation, boost collagen and soothe. Includes donation to menopause charity.

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    Dirty Face Cleanser – was £ 23, now £ 17.25, Faace
    The Dirty Faace Cleanser is a cleansing cleanser, not only for a deep cleansing of the skin, but with its ingredients in coconut, rose water and aloe extract, it purifies, soothes and moisturizes the skin. As it calls itself, it is “a cleanser with benefits”.

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    What is Faace?

    Faace is a skin care brand offering “hassle free masks for your period, tired or sweaty faces”. They’re lightweight, quick-absorbing, vegan, and come in Instagrammable packaging, with the tagline: “Created for Life Disrupted Skin”.

    What more could you want?

    Good shopping!