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You don’t need a discount code to save 75% on this smartwatch

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Your life is lived on the go. Whether you’re running a quick errand or commuting to work, having to worry about holding your phone and looking for things isn’t always the most convenient. But thanks to the emergence of smartwatches, you can perform all your essential tasks with the touch of a finger, keeping your hands free to shake someone’s hand, drive or hold an umbrella.

Although many people turn to the most expensive smartwatches, it’s not the most economical choice, with some of the most popular models costing $500 and more. But just because a gadget is expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily superior, which is certainly the case with the C-MAX CALL TIME. Brimming with convenient features, this smartwatch can make everyday tasks and functions infinitely more convenient, and it surely doesn’t cost as much as an Apple Watch.

Thanks to excess inventory, these smartwatches are heavily discounted, priced 75% below its regular price of just $39.99. And unlike other big sales, like Amazon’s Prime Day, this deal doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. In fact, this price remains in effect until October 31 and you don’t even need a special coupon code.

Totaling high ratings all over the net up to 5 out of 5 stars, the C-MAX CALL TIME can’t be beat. The gadget is simply brimming with features, with 14 features that let you track an array of fitness activities, monitor your health, stay on top of your sleep habits, and more. It also lets you answer and make calls, play music, check the weather, and it even has a remote camera shutter, all without you having to take your phone out of your pocket. Plus, its smooth, flexible silicone band makes it easy to wear all day long, even if it’s raining outside (yes, it’s also waterproof).

Take advantage of this overstock event and get the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch at the discounted price of just $39.99, no coupon code required.

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