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ZUS Coffee offers 75 cent promo code after 5 cent uproar

ZUS Coffee is back, bringing yet another controversy to the Malaysian community. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t the first time ZUS Coffee has been in hot water for not being “professional”. Previous cases include customers discovering mold in their cakes and discriminating against OKUs – it seems ZUS Coffee has a knack for being in a negative light.

This time, a man named Fdaus Ahmad expressed his disappointment with ZUS Coffee on Facebook when they shorted him by 5 Sen. After buying a coffee for RM11.75, the staff on site couldn’t give him his exact change, so they cheated him. After the Facebook post went viral, a statement from ZUS Coffee further outraged netizens.


Although the statement was a public apology, netizens are furious as it appeared to be written in a sarcastic manner, with the company even offering a 75 sen discount to customers. Immediately after said post, ZUS Coffee was forced to issue another public apology, this time through the comments, apologizing for their previous post saying that “It was an attempt to inject some humor into the situation.”

Scrolling through the comments on Facebook, many have spoken of the poor way ZUS Coffee is handling the situation. Many comments say their actions were “unprofessional, immature and (done) in a sarcastic manner”. Many others also commented that the company not only snatched 5 sen, but countless 5 sen from Malaysians. All in all, it seems like most netizens think there’s no doubt that ZUS Coffee might have lost a few (or more) customers in the heat of the moment.



What do you think? Has ZUS Coffee finally made its last mistake or will there be more to come? Share your thoughts below!

Source: MStar

Puteri Teja contributed to this article.

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